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How to Convert JSON to Textile Table Online ?

1. Upload or paste your JSON Array.

Before using the JSON converter, please make sure that your JSON is in the format of an array of objects. Click "JSON Example" in Data Source pane to view the demo. Of course, in addition to pasting, you can also click "Upload JSON" or drag-and-drop your JSON file.

2. Edit your JSON Array online, if needed.

You can edit your data online like Excel through Table Editor, and the changes will be converted into Textile Table in real-time.

3. Copy the converted Textile Table.

Just click "Copy to Clipboard" or "Download" in Table Generator, then paste it to your textile editor for testing.

Note: Your data is secure, the converts is done completely in your web browser and we will not store any of your data.

What is JSON ?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. JSON file is a text-based format for representing structured data based on JavaScript object syntax.

What is Textile ?

Textile is a lightweight markup language that uses a text formatting syntax to convert plain text into structured HTML markup. Textile is used for writing articles, forum posts, readme documentation, etc.

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