List of Sponsor

These are the companies or individuals contributing amount to help sustain TableConvert’s development. Thanks go to everyone who generously donated to the project! After donating, we will display your name and message here. If you don't want to make your information public, please let us know!

Oliver Probst$7.08-
Bruce Grant$25.00donation for awesome table converter tech
neelav kumar$6.31Epic converter - Life saver mate!
David Barth$4.82Saved me so much work
Catherine Ndiaye$9.00TableConvert. Thank you!
@serraotweets$5.00Saved me some typing, thanks for your efforts
Lloyd$5.00Preserves my sanity
TrepedorSecrets$25.00This is amazing, fantastic, and SUPER time saving! I found it through redit and could not be happier. https://www.reddit.com/r/ObsidianMD/comments/se4ulz/is_there_a_way_to_cut_out_of_excel_and_paste_into/
Molly Honecker$5.00Thank you!
Dan Wade$5.00-
Ravian Budde$16.59Being a Dude and saving my day with your JSON > CSV converter!
Jamie LaPaglia$25.00Awesome, thank you so much for creating such a valuable tool!
Allan Haberkorn$20.00-
Pierre-Dominique Hool$5.00-
Kirk Jones$5.00Table Convert
David Turner$15.00-
Pablo Andres Millán Arias$2.00-
Estefania Ortiz Geist$0.98Thanks for the converter tool! :)
Jayant business account$7.00-
Shabbir Basrai$10.00Online table convertor. Great tool!
Jaroslav Gibner$5.01Thanks for the CSV to LaTeX converter. It saved me a lot of time :-)
Steve Kowalski$5.00Excel table to Markdown converter
Štěpán Suchánek$5.00Thank you for help! ♥️
dakujem$5.00Cool, saved me half an hour to import a table.
Ador Sistema Administrativo y Contable en Nube$15.00Valuable modifications made after some suggestions I sent, which were responded quickly and effectively.
[Anonymous]$25.00This is great, so easy :)
Anant Chandra$2.02-
Markus Thielmann$10.11Thank you so much for https://tableconvert.com/excel-to-markdown. It was a great time saver for me.
Mike K$5.00Nice and clean!
@pe_d$5.00Nice tool! I would love to save and load a table ....
Michael T Graham$5.00Nice work! Clean UI, easy to use, and works as advertised. I sent a link to TableConvert to a guy at work. It helped him out and he bought me lunch. So I'm paying it forward. Thanks!
Bradley Chapman$10.00Your markdown table converter has been very helpful to keep track of Jeopardy games!
Alexpy$5.00very very good!
Fukushi Kobayashi$10.00good job!!!
Tom Bourke$5.16-
Clifford J Bland$7.59Software
Marc Wampfler$5.17Great and useful table conversion. I converted only one simple small table, but I was so happy, that I spend you a coffee. Thanks a lot!!!
Arda Çetin$5.00-
abhishek gopinath kovath$1.00This awesome tool really helped me with school reports. Thanks
[Anonymous]$10.00Your tool is a serious lifesaver. It saved me the trouble of using Python to convert the LaTeX table to a CSV.
Markaz al-ʿIlm wal-Maʿrifah$10.00Love the JSON, Excel and HTML support specially. This is the kind of tool that seems simple, but requires so much hard work to make—and makes the user's life easy. Thank you!
French Barbara$50.00Awesome tool!
WebFix Studio$10.00saved my life! clean page, thanks a lot!
Dai Dezhi$10.00good job
Weidmann Gabriel$10.00Finally a tool to edit markdown tables. It saves me a lot of headache. Thanks a lot :-)
Ashley Quinton$5.00-
Rahul Bhuwal$5.00It saved me lot of time today to move content from excel to wiki page
James Wilkinson$5.00Great tool!
[Anonymous]$5.00this is such a life saver, many thanks for your work!
SughoshK93$5.00Hey, thank you so much for creating this wonderful converter application. I was using Notion to create a report and I had my markdown for a table. But I didn't have the excel dataset. So, I used your application to convert the markdown to excel and it saved me so much time. Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy your coffee :)
[Anonymous]$15.00Finally, I can have a nice table in my README without the hassle!
Robbert Breij$25.00Great service, nicely done! Good use of DGXL, v2 coming soon :-) Best, Robbert, creator DataGridXL
Jibran Kalia$5.00Great product. Thank you!
Flat Network Society$25.00A true lifesaver for the less technical!!
Sirene Nova$5.00-
Raghava G Dhanya$5.00-
Andre Rüb$3.00Nice work!!!
MaxW$3.00Thanks Man ! This really helps :-)
Joshua Burke$5.00Beautiful and elegant . . . fantastic job!
Michael Conroy$3.00-
Kevin purnelle0.00142248 BTCuseful tool you have built!
Roberto Batista$3.00Thanks for your online tool!
Шепелев Григорий$10.00Супер полезный сервис! Спасибо!
Anders Båtstrand$20.00-
[Anonymous]$50.00table convert is an awesome tool, kudos to you!
*** Baranski€2.00Thats a nice tool mate. thanks
Peter Kuchar$10.00Wonderful tool .... I love it.