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These companies or individuals have generously donated to help keep TableConvert’s development going. Big shoutout to all the folks who gave! After your donation, we’ll showcase your name and message right here. If you prefer to keep your info private, just let us know!

Brad TammaroThank you!$5.00
Rob ClearyExcel to JSON got my data into MySQL avoiding some persistent encoding gotchas. I thank you!$5.00
Glen Cheney$5.00
梁新宇donation for Li’s perfect toolbox website$5.00
WildWillieHitch (Backer)Really convenient!!!!$5.00 x 8
Andy MellorSaved me many hours! Fantastic, easy-to-use tool. Thanks :)$5.00
Robert GoldsmithTableConvert. Great Work.$5.82
Roberto GermanoWonderful tools. Thank you$15.11
Adam YoungThank you for your help. Great tool.$20.00
Jeffrey BoldenThank you for being generous enough with your time to make a free useful utility for everyone to use!$10.00
Anna Szuecs$5.00
Felix Matthys (Backer)Thanks for saving me hundreds of hours!$60.00
Out There AIA Coffee to say thanks for TableConvert. Great Help!!!$20.00
jing-ronggreat tool, thanks$5.00
michael anderson$4.33
JACK DANIEL NORTHWAYMany thanks for the tool$2.37
Marcelo BarbosaThanks for creating Table Convert!$8.00
Chris BillowsTableConvert Donation$5.00
Robert Fuchs$5.37
MarkThank you for this tool. Saved me a heaps of time!$5.00
aaron baileyThe awesome free resource you’ve kindly shared.$12.11
timmipetitThank you for this tool, was perfect to convert some sql select output to table and back to an update query <3$15.00
james stalnakerThank you VERY much for: https://tableconvert.com$20.00
Alberto StellaThanks, this trick today saved me hours of nasty code! Much appreciated!$15.00
[Anonymous]Awesome tool. Thanks.$5.00
Shamsul Sulaimanhttps://tableconvert.com/sponsor/$5.00
[Anonymous]awesome tool! had to convert two huge tables from excel to latex and… voilà, done in a matter of minutes! thanks so much! 🌛$5.00
Erica ByrdSaving me DAYS of work! Thank you!!$50.00
@thecatfixDamn good tool!$25.00
Jacob MartinTable Convert Online - thank you!$5.00
@syphaxSuper useful and well-implemented; cheers!$5.00
Samuel Branisa$10.32
Frank Lukaschewski$1.04
[Anonymous]super handy and lovely implemtation, thanks!$5.00
Gustavo Novoasaving so much time$4.00
Andy GThanks! Excellent tool!$5.00
Maik StreweDanke für das großartige Tool$10.00
Aleksandar GeorgievThanks a lot for the great tool.$20.65
Hannes Wittwer$5.20
@PeirisMDThank you very much!$5.00
Prasanth Doddapaneni$10.00
Keith MortonThannk you$5.00
Michael FunkTableConvert. Small but awesome software. Saves me so much time and energy in latex. :-)$5.00
[Anonymous]Great tool. Very ncie to be able to not only convert them, but edit them, too!$5.00
Philippe StefanoBuy me a coffee$10.19
Christine OwensTableConvert. Love this so far!! Thank you for your good work.$10.00
Dimitar RusevI searched for a table converter and I got one. Awesome work!$5.00
AlanThank you. You saved me a couple of hours$5.00
Michał Grocholski$5.23
Jairo AraújoContribution$5.65
Clemens Paar$4.42
Kim KruseJIRA Table Generator$5.00
Kevin Dennis$10.00
N1K1TAS95Great tool!$5.00
Brady Joseph Leach$3.00
Venkata Satya Ravi Kishore AnchalaTable Converter was super helpful$3.00
ADBThanks so much for this free tool! It’s saved me hours of work converting large tables for my thesis. I appreciate your work!$5.00
Michael James Brennock$5.00
@dzhuviThanks! Needed an acsii table for an RFC :) https://bitbucket.org/openid/connect/pull-requests/458/fix-federation-removing-interdependencies#comment-374888248$15.00
Hoang Pham (Backer)Hi thank you$5.00
Charles JonesThank you for developing and maintaining TableConvert! Excellent tool.$10.00
Jesse HallettTable Convert is such a positive contribution to humanity - thanks!$5.00
RCThank you so much for creating this tool and sharing it. So helpful!$5.00
Heath LongHTML table to Excel - thank you!$10.00
Peter LakeUsed your XML table create tool, thanks$3.00
@rafcommandsWhile I didnt use the site feature, I am glad this is out there for anyone to use for free.$5.00
Iven SchlentherA great tool. Very helpful at work.$5.14
Laura WadleighThanks for making LaTex tables so much easier!$5.00
@[email protected]Very helpful for my Bachelor Thesis. Thank you!$5.00
Oleksandr GamaniukGreat tool! I told everyone in our https://tarta.ai team to use it🍰$5.00
Jiang Jialun真的很节约时间$6.66
ModhiThank you$5.00
Kyrylo GorokhovskyiThank you for nice tool$5.00
Julian MildeThanks for the nice website, its so simple to build tables in latex now!$3.12
Akihiro SanadaHelpfull tool, thanks.$5.00
Komáromi Szabolcs$5.02
Vanco OrdanoskiThanks, man$5.00
Yannam JaganVery nice tool$5.00
João Miguel Maia Barbosa Leite BenedettoAmazing work at tableconvert.com$5.00
Mohamed BoudraKeep up the good work!! - Friends at https://konbert.com$5.00
Christian MunchWho would ever type Jira tabels manually, not me, thanks to you!$5.00
Aaron Bergmangreat html csv app$5.00
Erie ArchivesA great help, thank you!$10.00
Robert SchmidtThanks for https://tableconvert.com/de/€4.96
Jarle Geir Hulaas$5.00
BebeThank you so much for your work. This is such a life saver. I use Markdown to keep my notes and you have been of immense help.$5.00
Prashant B KalvapalleThank you for this excellent feature. This could be the make or break for newbies entering markdown note taking universe :)$10.00
@janswieckiDude, thank you!$5.00
Juan Bautista SosaDonation$2.00
Tom LersmacherVery wholesome tool, thank you$9.59
JagThank you for reducing my brain damage$5.00
Thomas Jensen$10.00
Marco EidingerExactly what I was looking for and it works like a charm, awesome tool!$5.00
@nsbeverageGreat tool. Really impressed with the number of conversion options.$5.00
Dirk EibachCoffee$4.68
David TilleryTableConvert saved me a lot of time. Thanks!$10.00
Dion van den BergYou saved me a lot of spec sheet conversion headaches! - Dion van den Berg, representing Pappenheimers$4.63
DanielGreat tool to create TeX tables fast, thanks! Maybe the table design could be more customizable, e.g. toggling horizontal/vertical/no lines?$4.66
Oliver Probst$7.08
Bruce Grantdonation for awesome table converter tech$25.00
neelav kumarEpic converter - Life saver mate!$6.31
David BarthSaved me so much work$4.82
Catherine NdiayeTableConvert. Thank you!$9.00
@serraotweetsSaved me some typing, thanks for your efforts$5.00
LloydPreserves my sanity$5.00
TrepedorSecretsThis is amazing, fantastic, and SUPER time saving! I found it through redit and could not be happier. https://www.reddit.com/r/ObsidianMD/comments/se4ulz/is_there_a_way_to_cut_out_of_excel_and_paste_into/$25.00
Molly HoneckerThank you!$5.00
Dan Wade$5.00
Ravian BuddeBeing a Dude and saving my day with your JSON > CSV converter!$16.59
Jamie LaPagliaAwesome, thank you so much for creating such a valuable tool!$25.00
Allan Haberkorn$20.00
Pierre-Dominique Hool$5.00
Kirk JonesTable Convert$5.00
David Turner$15.00
Pablo Andres Millán Arias$2.00
Estefania Ortiz GeistThanks for the converter tool! :)$0.98
Jayant business account$7.00
Shabbir BasraiOnline table convertor. Great tool!$10.00
Jaroslav GibnerThanks for the CSV to LaTeX converter. It saved me a lot of time :-)$5.01
Steve KowalskiExcel table to Markdown converter$5.00
Štěpán SuchánekThank you for help!$5.00
dakujemCool, saved me half an hour to import a table.$5.00
Ador Sistema Administrativo y Contable en NubeValuable modifications made after some suggestions I sent, which were responded quickly and effectively.$15.00
[Anonymous]This is great, so easy :)$25.00
Anant Chandra$2.02
Markus ThielmannThank you so much for https://tableconvert.com/excel-to-markdown. It was a great time saver for me.$10.11
Mike KNice and clean!$5.00
@pe_dNice tool! I would love to save and load a table ….$5.00
Michael T GrahamNice work! Clean UI, easy to use, and works as advertised. I sent a link to TableConvert to a guy at work. It helped him out and he bought me lunch. So I’m paying it forward. Thanks!$5.00
Bradley ChapmanYour markdown table converter has been very helpful to keep track of Jeopardy games!$10.00
Alexpyvery very good!$5.00
Fukushi Kobayashigood job!!!$10.00
Tom Bourke$5.16
Clifford J BlandSoftware$7.59
Marc WampflerGreat and useful table conversion. I converted only one simple small table, but I was so happy, that I spend you a coffee. Thanks a lot!!!$5.17
Arda Çetin$5.00
abhishek gopinath kovathThis awesome tool really helped me with school reports. Thanks$1.00
[Anonymous]Your tool is a serious lifesaver. It saved me the trouble of using Python to convert the LaTeX table to a CSV.$10.00
Markaz al-ʿIlm wal-MaʿrifahLove the JSON, Excel and HTML support specially. This is the kind of tool that seems simple, but requires so much hard work to make—and makes the user’s life easy. Thank you!$10.00
French BarbaraAwesome tool!$50.00
WebFix Studiosaved my life! clean page, thanks a lot!$10.00
Dai Dezhigood job$10.00
Weidmann GabrielFinally a tool to edit markdown tables. It saves me a lot of headache. Thanks a lot :-)$10.00
Ashley Quinton$5.00
Rahul BhuwalIt saved me lot of time today to move content from excel to wiki page$5.00
James WilkinsonGreat tool!$5.00
[Anonymous]this is such a life saver, many thanks for your work!$5.00
SughoshK93Hey, thank you so much for creating this wonderful converter application. I was using Notion to create a report and I had my markdown for a table. But I didn’t have the excel dataset. So, I used your application to convert the markdown to excel and it saved me so much time. Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy your coffee :)$5.00
[Anonymous]Finally, I can have a nice table in my README without the hassle!$15.00
Robbert BreijGreat service, nicely done! Good use of DGXL, v2 coming soon :-) Best, Robbert, creator DataGridXL$25.00
Jibran KaliaGreat product. Thank you!$5.00
Flat Network SocietyA true lifesaver for the less technical!!$25.00
Sirene Nova$5.00
Raghava G Dhanya$5.00
Andre RübNice work!!!$3.00
MaxWThanks Man ! This really helps :-)$3.00
Joshua BurkeBeautiful and elegant . . . fantastic job!$5.00
Michael Conroy$3.00
Kevin purnelleuseful tool you have built!0.00142248 BTC
Roberto BatistaThanks for your online tool!$3.00
Шепелев ГригорийСупер полезный сервис! Спасибо!$10.00
Anders Båtstrand$20.00
[Anonymous]table convert is an awesome tool, kudos to you!$50.00
*** BaranskiThats a nice tool mate. thanks€2.00
Peter KucharWonderful tool …. I love it.$10.00