How to convert Excel to Markdown table

Convert Excel to Markdown table online

In this tutorial we will show you how to quickly convert excel to markdown table format online. and how to convert Google Docs, Numbers, Browser Tables, or other spreadsheet programs to markdown tables.

There may be many reasons that you want the markdown version of any Excel table or any specific range of an Excel table. In that case, you just have to copy the Excel sheet, and then paste it into “”. You can get the corresponding markdown version very easily and it hardly takes a fraction of a second to do that.

This video is going to show you the best guide for how to convert Excel to markdown step-by-step. Go to youtube to watch

Excel to Markdown steps

Step 1. First, Open with a browser.

Step 2. Click the import button in the menu bar and switch to the Excel tab. In the import window, you can see instructions like this:

Paste your cells from Excel, Numbers, Google Docs or Browser table

Step 3. As mentioned above, Copy a range of cells from Excel(or other spreadsheet programs) and paste it into the box, click the import data button.

Step 4. Now, the content copied from Excel has been imported into the website and automatically converted to a Markdown compliant table, you only need to ensure that the tab selected in the output area is Markdown.

Click the Copy button to copy the markdown to the clipboard. Click the Download button to download the markdown file to your computer. After getting the markdown text equivalent to an Excel table, you can use that in your documents or do whatever you want.