Let's make it better - Feedback


  • Added an option to set Markdown to use compact mode.
  • Added an option to set the Markdown table Text alignment.


  • Refactoring document page.
  • Support for retaining current data when you redraw the table.
  • Supports automatic saving of table data.


  • Fixed issue: Javascript export CSV encoding utf-8, adding UTF-8 BOM to string.
  • Beautify pages and components.
  • Add LaTex converter, Support to convert LaTex to Excel, JSON, CSV, Markdown table, etc.


  • Fixed an issue when output text table.
  • Add a description for the converter, editor and generator.
  • When importing data, it supports loading local json, csv, md, html and other files.


  • Added quotation selector to sql output, you can choose the correct quotes according to the sql engine.
  • Fixed an issue: Output sync bug.
  • Added blod first row options for markdown output.
  • Added center-align text options for markdown output.


  • Fixed bug, Ajax falls into an infinite loop when extracting a table from a URL.
  • Make loading big data smoother.
  • Fixed an issue where the separator was incorrect when converting csv to a table.
  • Escape special symbols are selected by default.
  • Fixed an issue: Split a CSV string ignore commas within double-quotes.


  • Added expansion and collapse features, automatically adapt data length.
  • Added the ability to load data from a URL.
  • Added an option to the HTMl output, now you can easily convert table to a DIV table.
  • Optimized the speed of reading content from a URL.


  • Added style options to text output, now support output mysql results style, reStructuredText table style and so on.
  • Added escaping options for Markdown, HTML, XML, and LaTex converters.


  • Added JSON converter, now support convert an array of objects to csv, markdown, excel, etc.
  • Added a options button for the csv tab output, custom delimiters are now supported.
  • Added minifier, now you can easily compress or minify your JSON, XML, HTML result.


  • Added IDEA converter, you can easily design the output based on your ideas.
  • Added an options button for the idea tab output.
  • Removed jQuery, compressed pages and improved website speed.


  • Added table shortcuts, now you can modify the table content more easily. Thank @Yasuhiko OKADA !
  • Optimize arrow shortcuts & streamline default URLs.


  • Support for initializing data via URL.
  • Support table data and URL dynamic binding, now you can easily share data through URL.


  • Added the ability to import tables from a URL.
  • Optimize tab hover style.


  • Fixed bug: Empty cell error when importing Excel.
  • Support for loading examples via window.location.hash.
  • Added a tooltip to the table editor button.


  • Added LaTex and Plain Text converter.
  • Fixed bug: When multiple header fields are the same, the result shows only one.
  • Optimize table builder style.
  • Optimize icon color, Make it softer.
  • Optimize table builder, The x axis is row and the y axis is col.


  • Added YAML and SQL converter.
  • Optimize styles and expand available workspaces.
  • Optimize color contrast.


  • Added Excel converter.
  • Added import capabilities. now you can convert between Excel, CSV/TSV, JSON, and Markdown
  • Auto format XML code.
  • Fixed a bug in XML code generation which result error when the number in the first row of the table appears.


  • Support online editing and generating tables.
  • Support for creating HTML table easily.
  • Support for converting HTML table to CSV/TSV, JSON, XML, HTML and Markdown table.
  • Support copy to clipboard.
  • Support for downloading converted result file.
  • Added example button.