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List of donators

These are the companies or individuals contributing amount to help sustain TableConvert’s development. Thanks go to everyone who generously donated to the project!

Raghava G Dhanya$ 5.00-
Andre Rüb$ 3.00Nice work!!!
MaxW$ 3.00Thanks Man ! This really helps :-)
Joshua Burke$ 5.00Beautiful and elegant . . . fantastic job!
Michael Conroy$ 3.00-
Kevin purnelle0.08497816 BTCuseful tool you have built!
Roberto Batista$ 3.00Thanks for your online tool!
Шепелев Григорий$ 10.00Супер полезный сервис! Спасибо!
Anders Båtstrand$ 20.00-
[Anonymous]$ 50.00table convert is an awesome tool, kudos to you!
*** Baranski€ 2.00Thats a nice tool mate. thanks
陈亮$ 10.00表格中的瑞士军刀,继续加油!
Peter Kuchar$ 10.00Wonderful tool …. I love it.

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