Table Convert Online is a web-based tool to converts Excel, URL, HTML, Markdown table and CSV to Markdown table, CSV/TSV, JSON, XML, YAML, insert SQL, HTML, Excel and LaTeX table. Built-in a little table editor, behaving much like cells in Microsoft Excel, Makes it easier to work with tables. It supports features like:

  • Convert,edit,and generate Markdown table, CSV/TSV, JSON, XML, YAML, insert SQL, HTML, Excel and LaTeX table.
  • Draggable table builder.
  • Excel-like table editor, keyboard and mouse navigation.
  • Import tables from a URL(Web page containing the table).
  • Import Excel, HTML table, Markdown table, LaTeX table, JSON and CSV.
  • Load local files to convert.
  • Create unique converters with IDEA output.
  • Bind table content and URL parameters for easy sharing of your table.
  • Copy or download the converted result.

Table builder

Table builder

Generate cells for table editor in just a few easy steps:

  1. Click the “Table” button and then hover the mouse over the grid.
  2. To select the dimensions of the table click the desired cell on the grid. This will populate the editors below with the generated HTML.

The number below the grid represents the dimension, where the first number is the row and the second number is the column.

Dimension (e.g. 10 x 2) representation (row x column)

The table builder will be destroyed when you press ++esc++ or another key.


The available import formats are listed below:

  • Excel - cells from Excel, Numbers, Google Docs or Browser table
  • URL - Web page containing the table
  • HTML - HTML code that contains the <table> tag
  • Markdown - Valid markdown table
  • CSV - Delimited text file that uses a comma to separate values.
  • JSON - Valid JSON, which is an array of objects.
  • LaTeX - Valid LaTeX table code.

Table convert import

Table editor

Table Editor or Generator

This is a small Excel-like table editor that supports shortcut keys for all available actions. Cells can be modified via buttons on the table toolbar. The following describes the available shortcuts and tool buttons.

Shortcut keys

The following list describes how to use the shortcut keys to modify the contents of the table:

Keys Action
Navigate in the table.
Enter Editable state or Complete editing. Your change will also be automatically applied if you navigate away from the cell
ESC Cancel editing
Delete Delete the contents of the selected cell
Tab Next cell
Shift+Tab Previous cell

Toolbar buttons

The following table describes how to insert/remove and copy rows or columns from a table.

Icon Action
Insert a row above a selected cell
Insert a row below a selected cell
Remove selected rows
Copy a row to the below a selected cell
Insert a column to the left of a selected cell
Insert a column to the right of a selected cell
Remove selected columns
Copy a column to the right of a selected cell


The available output formats are listed below:

  • Markdown - Markdown table code
  • CSV/TSV - Comma-separated values
  • JSON - Two dimensional array
  • XML - XML code
  • YAML - YAML code
  • SQL - Create table SQL and insert SQL
  • HTML - HTML table code
  • Excel - Excel text, You can copy and paste it into an Excel file
  • LaTeX - LaTeX table code
  • TEXT - Plain text table
  • MediaWiki - Table for wiki pages

Table Convert output

The output area is made up of multiple tabs. When you select the specified conversion language tab, the output will be changed. You can save the results by using the “Copy” or “Download” button.