How to convert Excel to SQL

Convert excel to sql

Excel to SQL steps

Step 1. Copy cells to be converted to SQL from Excel, Numbers, Google Docs. Of course, you can also select the data of the table in the web page and copy it.

Step 2. Using‘s import capabilities, paste the data from the clipboard and import it. After the data is imported into the table editor, you can also edit it freely.

Step 3. You only need to ensure that the tab selected in the output area is SQL. then you can see the automatically generated create table sql and insert sql.

Finally, There are no quotes around fields by default, however, the SQL converter also provides three kinds of quotes in Options: double quotes, single quotes, and grave accent. When you run the converted sql in the database (mysql, oracle and so on), don’t forget to change the table name and field type to what you want, because this is the default value of the sql converter.