How to convert Excel to MediaWiki table

Excel to MediaWiki table steps

Step 1. Use Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Numbers software to open your excel file, select the cells you want to convert and copy to the clipboard. Of course, you can also select the data of the table in the web page and copy it.

Step 2. Using‘s import capabilities, select the Excel tab and paste the clipboard data into the textarea box. After importing the data to, you can easily edit the data online using the built-in table editor.

Step 3. You only need to ensure that the tab selected in the output area is MediaWiki. then the data has been converted to a MediaWiki table. At the same time, after modifying the data in the table editor, the MediaWiki table will be updated synchronously.

MediaWiki options

In the Options panel, the MediaWiki converter has three settings, use them to customize your converted mediawiki code.

Minify or Compress MediaWiki table

Default: true
Ensure that the cells in each row are in a row.

Format first row as header

Default: true
Replace the vertical line | in the first row with an exclamation mark !.

Make table sortable in Wikipedia

Default: false
Add sortable class to MediaWiki table.