How to convert CSV to Markdown Table

Convert CSV to Markdown table online

Sometimes we want to put csv content in github or blog and have to convert csv to a markdown table. For large csv files was a huge pain to do by hand.

In this tutorial, I will introduce you to a web-based online table convertion tool, and learn how to quickly convert csv to markdown table markup online.

You know, mak­ing ta­bles in markdown can be te­dious, especially if the amount of data written is large. This tutorial al­lows you to copy the data of a csv file and paste it into “” to convert as markdown table markup, you can be pasted into an ex­ist­ing markdown doc­u­ment.

Other than that, the tool provides an online table editor, You can edit the table like excel spreadsheet and immediately convert it to a markdown table. And output it to the output textarea.

There is a video with a step-by-step guide on how to convert CSV to Markdown table. Go to youtube to watch

CSV to Markdown table steps

Step 1. First, open with a browser.

Step 2. Click the import button in the menu bar and switch to the CSV tab. Below the format tab you can see:

Paste your valid csv data

Step 3. Copy the data from csv file and paste it into the textarea, And then click the import data button.

Step 4. Now, the content copied from csv has been imported into the website and automatically converted to a markdown compliant table, you only need to ensure that the tab selected in the output area is CSV/TSV.

The markdown this outputs should work with most table supporting Markdowns flavors such as Markdown Extra and Github Flavored Markdown. Click the Copy button to copy the markdown to the clipboard. Click the Download button to download the markdown file to your computer. After getting the markdown text equivalent to a csv file, you can use that in your documents or do whatever you want.